Introducing TVaway Prime. 

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An easy and affordable way to watch your favourite TV programme, sport, news, drama, entertainment, series or children’s TV. Offering a great choice of streaming TV packages, you can watch anywhere* with a MAG box, PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can stream live TV anywhere* with TVaway Prime.

TVaway Prime is a streaming TV service that offers 3 package choices: S (small), M (medium), L (large). These options provide a flexible choice for customers looking for multi connection use and video quality settings. With options for lower bandwidth and High quality streams and up to 3 users on different devices all at the same time on 1 subscription, all at a fraction of the cost without compromise on quality.

With new customers joining and enjoying TVaway every hour of the day from all around the world, we have what today and tomorrow's viewers want. Our dedicated in house team lead the development of IPTV by adding new features and service regularly, keeping our customers satisfied and happy. At present, we offer hundreds of popular channels from the UK, America, Denmark, Norway, Sweden Finland, Germany, France & Italy and we continue to add more content each and every month for your enjoyment.

TVaway Prime gives you a simple easy to use TV service, backed with fanatical customer support and a pause pay as you go billing feature, giving you a zero hassle renewal or cancellation process. If you want to renew the following month, you don't need to do anything. If you want to cancel, simply login to your account and select pause subscription at end of current period. It's that easy, and it's all done via a secure online system for your peace of mind. 

Why choose TVaway Prime? We offer IPTV customers the highest level of service in the industry and we answer all your questions in a timely manner. All of which you can track via our easy to use dedicated support ticket system. TVaway Prime allows you to enjoy great TV choice at realistic low prices without compromising on quality. Start watching what you, when you want, from where you want.

With a dedicated and globally distributed network infrastructure, we offer the highest uptime and quality of service available. We are a true premium stream provider who can deliver your TV service to you at home or when traveling. All you need is a normal internet connection, wifi, 3G or 4G. Customers will be able to watch TVaway Prime on the go or in homes. For all you customers using handheld devices that want a bigger screen experience without using a MAG box, you can connect wirelessly to any TV by using an AppleTV, Chromecast device or similar connection points. Alternatively you can use a dedicated set top box. We recommend the stable, reliable and highly popular MAG 250, 254 or 256.

TVaway Prime is an easy and affordable way to watch your favourite TV channels and more on any device, anywhere, anytime with options to view on multiple devices at the same time.

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*All packages are blocked in the UK & ROI.